“Inside The World Of Size Fetishes” – Tara Jacoby for Vocativ

Hellllooooo Kinja!

I know I’ve been hella quiet on the kinja blogging front but... I’m back!

I left the Gawker Media art department in February to become the Deputy Art Director at another (new-ish) media company called Vocativ. I’m still illustrating multiple blog posts a day, just at a different location. I’ve also been freelancing for The Wall Street Journal, Variety, Billboard, GQ and a few others. Sorry about going dark on here for the past few months. I’m finally settled at my new gig, so from now on, I promise to update my Kinja frequently with art from Vocativ, along with my freelance and personal work. In the meantime, I’ve included a few illustrations in this post.

Thank you for following me! You guys are the tits and I’ve missed you all.


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