Tara Jacoby

Illustrator @ Gawker/Jezebel/Deadspin
Illustrator @ Gawker/Jezebel/Deadspin

Do You Want To Know The Day You Will Die?

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In honor of the eeriest day of the year, Halloween, I am sharing a recent project I have worked on with writer, Rose Eveleth and the Vocativ team. Death Day, an interactive adventure story, poses the question, “If you could find out the exact day you are destined to die, would you?”


It’s a little more complicated than you might think. No matter which path you choose to take, you can’t avoid the impact of your choice, and how that knowledge, or your lack of it, seeps into every aspect of life. Your death day might alter the milestones of your life, but can also affect the more mundane, everyday aspects.

Ultimately, “Death Day” explores a world where people are divided by whether or not they choose to know.



Written by Rose Eveleth. Illustrated by Tara Jacoby.

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